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August 23, 2022

Welcome to Certegy dev docs. Here you will find the Release Notes for product(s) updates, new features, and bug fixes.

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What changed?

    We have made code changes in BankPay to accommodate a new Chain/Station (self-risk or warranty) for Sub-Merchants when processing Unlinked Credits. Sub-Merchants now have the ability to process an Unlinked Credit under a separate Chain/Station from the debits.
What’s important about this change?
–   Will be used for Sub-Merchants ONLY
–   Each Sub-Merchant will have one Sub-Merchant ID for Unlinked Credits.
–   Unlinked Credit station can be Self-Risk or Warranty
–   Consumer must be Enrolled before they can process an Unlinked Credit. A debit transaction is not required to process an Unlinked Credit.
–   The Sub-Merchant ID the client will send in for Unlinked Credits will be DIFFERENT than the Sub-Merchant ID used for their Enrollment, Transaction and Linked Credit intents.
How do I learn more?
The Credit documentation has been updated to include Unlinked Credits  bankpay/api/credits

    When a Client provides the consumer bank information, Certegy added a new consumer facing response when Enrollment Intent includes invalid/missing fields.
What’s important about this change?

–   Required Fields: routing, account, check type and account type
–   Consumer facing message, “We encountered an error. Please try again later.”


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