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MICR Formats

E-13B has a 14 character set, comprising the 10 decimal digits, and the following symbols

Product TypeMICR FormatMICR Swiped or HandKey
CashLine E-CheckTOADSwiped Only
Check Cashing and DepositTOADSwiped Only
Retail Sales ECCTOADSwiped Only

T = Transit symbols are used to delimit the Bank Number or Bank Routing Number

O = OnUs symbols are used to delimit the Account Number, the check number or both

A = Amount symbols are found after the check has been already cashed and processed by the Federal Reserve Bank or other institutions that process checks

D = Dash symbols are sometimes found in the middle of the Bank Number or Account Numbers Account Number

T Would be replaced with T or t

This symbol is used to indicate the beginning and ending of the bank’s 9-digit routing transit number.

O Would be replaced with O or o

This symbol is used to indicate the On-Us field usually grouped around the account number or check serial number.

A Would indicate the check has already been cashed A or a

D Would be replaced with D or d

This symbol is a dash usually appearing in the account number field in the MICR line.

Raw TOAD format

MICR readers provide the flexibility to format the MICR fields and build a specific output string that will be transmitted to the host for authorization.

For Electronic Check authorization/conversion the required parsing format is referred to as RAW TOAD. TOAD is a symbol substitution of the MICR characters appearing on the check.


T123456780T 1234d6678o 0691

MICR reader output: T123466780T 1234D6678O 0691

T123456780T 0691o 123d6678o

MICR reader output: T123466780T 0691O 1234D6678O

t1234566780t o1234d6678o 0691

MICR reader output: T123466780T O1234D6678O 0691

o1214798o t123466780t 123445678o 12

MICR reader output: O1214798O T123466780T 123445678O 12

o1214798o t123466780t o123445678o

MICR reader output: O1214798O T123466780T O 123445678O

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