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CashLine eCheck


Accept and manage payments using CashLine. With a simple and convenient enrollment, Certegy will quickly and securely establish a revolving check cashing limit for your customer.

 Certegy CashLine Terms and Conditions

Cashline E-Check API collection

Supported Customer Environments

Testing and production environments are available for customers 24×7:

Certification Server, used when a customer is validating their application just before moving their code to production
Production Server, shared between all CashLine customers

To begin a request, the user will need a username and password, which is considered a Basic Authentication. We will respond with the Bearer Key, also known as the Java Web Token (JWT). This JWT has an expiration. The time limit starts at the request for the Bearer Key, not the last transaction submitted. If the Java Web Token has expired, you would begin again with the Basic Authentication to obtain another Java Web Token at which time the expiration clock starts again.


  • Basic Authentication (basicAuth)
  • Bearer Key Authentication (bearerAuth)

Basic Authentication is used for “/user/login”. Transactions validating the user’s credentials and allowing a Java Web Token (JWT) “bearer” token to be returned and used in subsequent requests.

Bearer Key Authentication uses bearer authentication (also called token authentication) which is an HTTP authentication scheme that involves security tokens called bearer tokens. The bearer token is a cryptic string, usually generated by the server in response to a logon request. Bearer Key time period should not be hard coded. If you get an invalid response, a new JWT token should be generated. 


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